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Beautiful images to inspire you for your creative interior

Reclaimed are launching a new website. Beautiful images to inspire you for your creative interior. Find new and modern ways of reusing reclaimed wood. See what how the designers are using reclaimed wood in, restaurants, public houses, cafes, retail interiors, and for private clients. Browse through our latest stocks of reclaimed timber and reclaimed beams. Keep up-to-date by finding us on facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and linkedin. We hope you enjoy browsing. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/




Another reclaimed timber that particularly lends itself to cladding, be it of wall, ceilings, doors, bars, is Hanger Bach. This is a narrow strip, with slightly muted,  soft warm tones and plenty of character in the form of saw-marks,  other general marks of age are inherent within the surface.  #ReclaimedFlooring #ReclaimedTimber #WallCladding #VintageFlooring http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/component/spsimpleportfolio/item/68-hanger-bash.html




Giving Life To Walls. We love the interplay here between the glossy, black and grey city surfaces jostling up against this very rustic reclaimed timber clad wall. The designer on this project selected short lengths of our Reclaimed American Oak barn board, the wall works graphically with staggered depths. #CocinaArgentina #ArgentineanSteak #ReclaimedAmericanBarnOak #RestaurantWallCladding http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-wall-cladding.html




This restaurant interior has a real energy about it, using a mix of reclaimed materials, featuring the corrugated-iron wall, junk shop finds furniture. And also shows our reclaimed floorboards being used to make a simple bench for diners. Our reclaimed floorboards get used for shelving, cladding, doors, panels, for cubicles, display stands. You’ll find it in residential projects, café, restaurant and bar interiors, retail interiors, on tv-sets. What will use some reclaimed wood for? http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-wall-cladding.html



A local coffee shop down in Walthamstow has taken our timbers

A local coffee shop down in Walthamstow has taken our timbers to create wall cladding and counter tops. And an Indian restaurant on Court Street Whitechapel has taken our Bolnhurst Cladding for use in their refurbishments. The cladding trend is still hot, hot, hot! http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/hard-wood-gallery.html




A developer came in and selected some our reclaimed floorboards. 25 000 feet of flooring boards have gone to a site down in Paddington where 40 flats are being refurbished. They selected some of our original flooring cira 1938. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/softwood-flooring.html




Neil Norton Design is a bespoke kitchen design company in Wimbledon, has started select our old reclaimed timbers for various elements in his kitchen designs. They recently took full thickness railway boards to make a kitchen table, and have select hit and miss wall cladding for a part of one of their designs.  http://www.neilnortondesign.com/  http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/wood-wall-cladding.html

reclaimednewparquet reclaimedparquetproject1

What designers are doing with reclaimed timber in new modern office

These pictures illustrate what designers are doing with reclaimed timber in new modern office space. Here you can see our reclaimed floorboards being used as wall cladding around an office storage unit, a stationary cupboard, cupboarding for coats and brollies. And in the second image the designers have created a clad unit that houses the office refuse and recycling units for the company. #reclaimedfloorboards #reclaimedcladding #officestorage http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/projects.html


reclaimedofficestorage reclaimedoffice2


This image illustrates another office application of reclaimed floorboards. This time they’ve been used to create a feature wall at the rear of the office. This time they have been stained dark to create a more dramatic effect – they crisp up they whole space and make it visually interesting and far from the usual drab office space. #recalimedvictorianfloorboards #wallcladding #officecladding http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/projects.html




Here’s a really nice retail application of our reclaimed timbers in a Fat Face store. The designer has created a bank of changing cubicles for customers. Using old fashioned bracing of the doors and walls, that have been stained blue. The overall effect is reminiscent of beach huts. #reclaimedretailfittings #reclaimedfloorboards #reclaimedvictoriantimbers http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring.html




Our recent stock currently features

It’s worth checking our website on a regular basis if you on the lookout for timber for flooring, cladding and other applications.  Our recent stock currently features; Shabby Chic flaky white paint boards, English Oak Strip, Burmese Teak Parquet, Pitch Pine Strip, Narrow Maple boards previously it was gymnasium flooring so has all painted lines left on it, Pitch Pine Parquet and Oak Parquet, Maple 2 this has a paler colour but is still reclaimed gymnasium flooring, Beach is quite worn with life rich red tones contrast against old painted white lines. #VintageFlooring #VictorianFlooring #OakFlooring http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/new-stock.html

reclaimedamericanoakparquettile reclaimedrinca2



This Rinca, we love it, it’s sexy and alluring with it’s markings. Black and tan with scars of red oxide paint, hit and miss planed Rinka flooring is edgy, quirky and rich embellishment to both residential and commercial applications. Random patterns of black, red, brown and tan combine to create a warm surface a completely unique patterning. #LuxuryFlooring  #OakFlooring #VictorianFlooring http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/natural-wood-flooring.html


reclaimedmaple reclaimedrinca1


These reclaimed parquet tiles are American Oak, we love them they look so neat as square tile, they’re just waiting for new ‘forever home’! They’d look pretty amazing as flooring, wall or bar cladding. Reclaimed American Oak Parquet tiles in need of rehoming can you help? http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/oak-parquet-tiles.html


Graphic wall cladding idea from a designer

Here’s an a good graphic wall cladding idea from a designer working with our shabby chic, flaky white paint reclaimed boards laid in a traditional chevron pattern,  in this restaurant refurbishment, creating a fresh but weathered contemporary interior. If you’re planning a similar project call Andy or Paul on 020 8529 8504 to what’s in stock to get your creative juices flowing.  http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/projects.html


wood cladding


At Reclaimed we are now offering Waney Edge Tree Sections. Waney Edge simply means where the boards have been cut through straight from the tree. It’s a traditional way of creating pieces for exterior wall cladding with one waney edge and one square cut edge. Waney edge can have numerous other practical decorative applications for furniture, framing, and cladding of interior and exterior settings. Waney Edge boards can offer a visual drama in the finished form through the grain, the knots and the irregular shape of the boards. The boards from the same tree are often used to mirror each other in the same a veneer might be applied or the way a stone mason might use marble panels. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/through-and-through.html


reclaimedwaneyedge2 reclaimedwaneyedge1

Processing huge stacks of reclaimed timbers ready for resale

We’re feeling rushed off our feet at the moment. We’ve been processing huge stacks of reclaimed timbers ready for resale, including pitch pine and American oak boards. Private individuals have been selecting our timbers for home-based DIY projects, we think they have been enthused by the arrival of spring. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/eco-wood-sources.html


reclaimed wood showroom


A Grade 1 listed public house have selected out Reclaimed English Oak for its ongoing refurbishments. The Queen Victoria of Theyddon Bois will soon look resplendent with English Oak panelling and shelving bedecking the walls of this favourite watering hole.



A developer has completed gutted a four-storey house in West London and has come to Reclaimed Timber to source Old Surface Pitch Pine for 360 square metres of flooring. And has also chosen some of our flaky white paint old barn boards as ceiling cladding.It’s going to look stunning with those period high ceilings and ornate plaster moldings. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/softwood-flooring.html



2015 needs a touch of reclaimed wood

2015 needs a touch of wood…This represents durability and strength as years pass by. Woods are nature’s gift to us and that makes us so special in acquiring all the wooden materials that we can use in our daily lives.

There are millions of homes, bridges, community buildings and docks worldwide that were constructed out of virgin wood timber many years ago.  When these structures come to the end of their working life and are knocked down, and left to rot.

Reclaimed Ltd. wood has always been considered a premium and plentiful material that is immensely strong and flexible with excellent durability due to its seasoned and air-dried nature, often taking decades or centuries to develop.


Today, many varieties of wood which were once abundant and freely available are in very short supply. Some, such as the American chestnut, are to all intents and purposes extinct and not available for commercial use from natural sources. However, there is an alternative supply of wood in the shape of reclaimed timber.

Quality and beauty aren’t always the first things that come to mind when people think about buying something that’s been used before. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/wood-wall-cladding.html

Reclaimed Ltd. Woods are retrieved from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. Most of the #hardwoods from Reclaimed Ltd. comes from #timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses, although some use wood from less traditional structures such as boxcars, coal mines and wine barrels.  Sturdy woods are left to age naturally, these #antique woods are of a quality and grain that is unequaled in woods found today. #Reclaimed-timber is used primarily for decoration and home building, examples are siding, architectural details, cabinetry, # wood cladding, furniture and solid #wood floorboards and #parquet panels http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring.html


Reclaimed Ltd. have stored reclaimed lumber in their warehouse that is usually of a quality you can’t find in stores today. Much of this recycled wood dates back prior to modern construction and milling methods. Before World War II, mature trees that had grown slowly over hundreds of years were commonly used in construction. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-showroom.html


Reclaimed Ltd. is committed to restore wood materials and old forgotten timbers a second life for the next generation to come. We specializes in restoration and promoting environmental awareness in recycling wood products. It is by making sure that all woods are handled with proper restoration and storage.

Today in our three warehouses we hold one of the largest and most diverse ranges of #reclaimed-timbers in the country, combined with the ability to mill to order we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/

So next time you’re selecting lumber for your building project, consider bypassing the new stuff and go straight for something that’s stood the test of time: beautiful, sustainable reclaimed wood.


Get in touch with us @ info@reclaimed.uk.com

Or visit our office: http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/contact/directions.html

Reclaimed Ltd
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Reclaimed news : where is our wood going

Reclaimed Ltd.

Old but not that old…it is durable and classy and some say for those who can afford.

Not all that is old is obsolete and  is a dispensable pieces of the past and its history.

Reclaimed news : where is our wood going

Restaurant @ John Lewis’s Oxford Street  – Flaky paint wall cladding

A trend for high end residential jobs selecting – Turkish Oak

2 houses in Kennsington  – Selected re-machined French oak for flooring

House Fulham- 80 sq m – continuous basket-weave French oak throughout whole ground floor: Looks awesome

Period Farmhouse st Albans – Very unusual floor – Used Keruing an Indonesian hardwood with worn red oxide paint from previous life of the timber. Makes a truly stunning floor – not for fainted hearted

Massive warehouse @ Spitalfields Mkt 160 sq m – Random widths laminated choice over ply from a Bohemian Grainhouse in Chez republic

Sophie’s steakhouse – Fulham – Old surface spilt purlins used for wall cladding.

Frog & wicket pub, Hook Hampshire – Have selected to incorporate roofing boards from a Bohemian Grainhouse in Chez republic into their refurbishment

Trend for selecting more adventurous timbers, finishes and new applications for reclaimed woods are being thought up by interior designers and architects in a bid to use ‘wall-cladding’ differently.

#Reclaimed-timbers are in contrast to those old disposable materials; these woods were built to last for a very long time. In the olden day’s wood was the primary source to build any structures be in land and water. Thus made it the most durable natural material and is irreplaceable after harvested. Every wood have different stories to tell, of what it holds and what it was made for in the years before it was used for wood-flooring. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/who-we-are.html

Nowadays some good woods are left to rot in old places without knowing the true value of the woods they are leaving behind and usually uncared for. It is very important that we should know how to care for our woods before it’s too late.

Reclaimed ltd. is committed to give these old forgotten timbers a second life for the next generation to come. We specializes in #wood-floor-restoration and promoting environmental awareness in #wood-recycling. Reclaimed ltd. is dedicated to salvage all wood products and make it available to the market for a longer period of time. Everybody knows how scarce our wood supply these days and we made sure that we have the facility for good storage of wood products. With previous history in warehouses, factories, barns, and cotton mills, stories and pictures obtained from #reclaiming-antique wood provides a fascinating look into our country’s history. Recycling and repurposing #antique-woods for modern day products ensures this historical component of our country’s early growth will live on. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/


At present, market shows a spiraling demand for #reclaimed-timber, most of which was shipped to the UK from colonies and commonwealth lands before sustainable sources were available. Much of today’s demand is for #high-grade-flooring, #wall-cladding and #joinery-material where #antique-wood holds the illusive quality of character. . http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/latest-offers.html

Woods are lovely pieces of art it is shaped and grooved into something made of devotion and full of aspirations to create a masterpiece. It is the sturdiest material and is very hard to replace. Today in our three warehouses we hold one of the largest and most diverse ranges of #reclaimed-timbers in the country, combined with the ability to mill to order we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/


Reclaimed ltd. sees it all and now we are making the sturdy #reclaimed-woods available to the market and especially for those who appreciates how wonderful Mother Nature created the timbers of life.


Get in touch with us @ info@reclaimed.uk.com

Or visit our office: http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/contact/directions.html

Reclaimed Ltd  Sewardstone Hall Farm  Sewardstone Road  Chingford  E4 7RH

All the hard and softwood timbers can be used for wall cladding

We have supplied reclaimed timber to hundreds of satisfied customers. Before you choose your particular timber we discuss with you your preferences and the suitability of different species and individual reclaimed source.You should make sure you understand that reclaimed timber has ‘character’ which makes it so attractive in appropriate settings, which may include nail holes, mature knots, stains and so on.
For more information on the various types of wood we currently hold in stock and to discuss your solid floor requirement please do not hesitate to contact us. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products.html

All the hard and softwood timbers can be used for wall cladding .This is a massive growth area with residential and commercial spaces looking for feature and textured wall coverings.

Additionally and in increasing popularity the painted boards from roof spaces and floors are used to creating splashes of colour for feature walls.
Spectacular walls can be made for shops restaurants and bars using heavily worn and weathered oaks or other hardwoods. These boards are too heavily distressed for flooring but make incredible one off effects for walls.
Occasionally we are lucky enough to be offered small parcels of unique material. For example we acquired the last of Thatcher’s 150 year old cider vats .The cider has stained the oak a deep red on the inside and has the original coopers carved barrel numbers ,ideal for pubs. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/wood-wall-cladding.html

Reclaimed new showroom is open.  Within this showroom, various examples of Wood Flooring, Wood Floorboards, Parquet Boards, and Parquet Blocks can be seen in situ.

Visiting our showroom will enable you to see the range of Wood floors we can provide and will assist you to understand the quality and finish that can be obtained in the purchase of reclaimed wood flooring. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-showroom.html

Reclaimed French Oak rustic version

Here is a floor from our Reclaimed French Oak rustic version that has been skim planed. Looks great and is less work for the floor layer. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/hardwood-flooring.html

wood floors

Reclaimed strip flooring is being specified by designers for many commercial applications including wall and ceiling cladding at the moment; but we feel you can achieve some very effective results in the domestic interior setting too!

Strip flooring is salvaged from school halls, sports centres, shops and factories. A variety of woods include maple, iroko, jarrah, and mahogany, keruing, oak and other exotic hardwoods which give a wide choice of natural colours.

The attraction is the range of woods that can be blended over one surface and the seeminlyg erratic pattern created from the partial marks made from broken court marks across the walls surface. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/hardwood-flooring.html

Here’s some inspiration for the Interior Designers out there. We found it while surfing today, a fabulous example of some furniture and stair rails designed and created to reuse some reclaimed flooring planks. We’re loving the unplanned grainy rawness it gives a urban industrial chic edge to this room setting.  It’s from the New York Times. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/about-reclaimed-wood-flooring.html