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Reclaimed sent our reclaimed timbers to three new Brew Dog’s, two in Aberdeen

Brewdog. We’ve sent our reclaimed timbers to three new Brew Dog’s, two in Aberdeen and the other in Edinburgh. They’ll soon be open for trading and selling their craft beers to discerning clientele.  Reclaimed have supplied timbers for various applications.

#ReclaimedWood#ReclaimedFlooring  #BrewdogAberdeen #BrewdogEdinburgh #Refurbishments #ReclaimedTimberCladding #Brewdog https://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-flooring-london.html

Reclaimed Birch Flooring has gone out to a private residential renovation in London’s Hackney. This high specification apartment’s floor is now adorned a reclaimed timber floor. #ReclaimedFlooring #ReclaimedTimber #ReclaimedFloorboards #ReclaimedBirch #ReclaimedSportsFloors


Our timbers have gone to two new Ben & Jerry ice-cream kiosks. The first is in Gateshead and the second is in Lyon, France. The kiosks are pretty compact somewhere between 10-15 square meters. Our timbers are used to clad the exterior of the kiosks. #ReclaimedTimbercladding #CladdingSuppliers #Ben&Jerrys #Ben&JerrysKiosks #IceCream https://www.reclaimed.uk.com/component/spsimpleportfolio/item/31-rum-shack.html


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


The Netherhouse Café has been completed. And we couldn’t be more delighted. The Netherhouse. For one they are located in the same place as us and offer tasty treats all day long. And two, their café really does look the business, all walls have been clad using a mix of our reclaimed boards. If you’re up in Sewardstone or Chingford do pop along when you have a chance. This café does fine roast dinners in the cooler months and BBQ’s in the warmer months. They also have a delicatessens and serve beer! They’ve made us happy. And we made them happy. Good business all round. The photo-shoot is yet to happen, we will post some  images soon. #ReclaimedWallCladding #WallCladding #TimberWallCladding #RoastDinnersLondon #BBQ’sL:ondon https://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-timber-london.html



The Plough, one of the Mcmullen chain of pub’s has seen it’s chimney breast get clad with one of reclaimed hardwood timbers. They selected red-oxide Kerone railway boards. Photo’s to follow. #McmullensRefurbishments #Mcmullens #Pub #ReclaimedTimber #ReclaimedRailwayBoards





The order for Red Dog Saloon Liverpool has left our yard

The order for Red Dog Saloon Liverpool has left our yard. 450 square meters of machined beautiful joist timbers will be used as some very tasty wall cladding. These are sure to inject new life into abandoned former night club, as will the fine beers available from Red Dog. #RedDog #RedDogSaloon #KanasBBQ #CraftBeers #WallCladding #ReclaimedTimber #ReclaimedWallcladding #Liverpool http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-flooring-london.html


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


Our order for an Italian restaurant called Zintino, in Canterbury has left the yard. Our clients have selected, Brushed French Oak for the flooring. Wall cladding will be installed, this Brushed Douglas Fir and further cladding to the ceiling where they’ve selected our White Flaky Paint Strips. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished job on this one. #Zintion #Canterbury #FrenchOak #ReclaimedFrenchOakFlooring #Reclaimed #ReclaimedTimber #ReclaimedDouglasFir #Flakey #FlakeyWhitePaint http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/oak-flooring-reclaimed.html


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


We’ve had an enquiry about supplying the reclaimed timbers for Red Dog Saloons latest addition to their chain; this one is located in Central London at Clerkenwell. There will be flooring, wall cladding and bar cladding timbers supplied and some fine craft beers to be enjoyed soon. . #RedDogSaloon #KanasBBQ #CraftBeers #WallCladding #ReclaimedTimber #ReclaimedWallcladding http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-wall-cladding.html


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


We have been contacted by a Maltese building company who are working on the refurbishment of residential palace, known as Villa Francia, where the Maltese Prime Minister lives.  The palace is beautifully intact, with a Palladian exterior and Sicilian Baroque interior.  We’re very pleased to be involved with this project and look forward to working with this new client. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-timber-london.html




Lights, camera, action! A new 12 screen Empire cinema in Ipswich at the Buttermarket Shopping Centre have selected some of reclaimed timbers from us for the foyer. This new cinema will bring state-of-the-art experience for movie goers in Ipswich; including 2 IMPACT screens which offer, bigger screens and bigger sound, bigger seats and more leg room on inspired stadium style seating.

#ReclaimedWallCladding #ReclaimedTimber #EmpireCinemas #Ipswich #12ScreenCinema http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/component/spsimpleportfolio/item/29-modular.html


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


We are preparing the timber ready for a further Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Kiosk which is destined for a cinema foyer. Ben and Jerry’s have chosen a hit and miss wall cladding with their blend of differing timbers. #ReclaimedFloorboards #ReclaimedTimber #Ben&Jerry’s #IceCream #Cladding #HitandMissCladding http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


Another London based restaurant has selected our reclaimed timbers for the interior fit out. This time it’s a Tex-Mex restaurant called Habaneros. Their choice of wall cladding is being prepared for delivery. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-flooring-london.html


reclaimed floors & reclaimed flooring


A public house in ‘Stokey’ or Stoke Newington is to undergo an interior refurbishment.  Our reclaimed floorboards will grace the floors there. Go to Graceland when it reopens, we might just see you in there. #Stokey #StokeNewington #Graceland #ReclaimedFloorboards #ReclaimedFlooring #Refurbishments #FloorUpgrade #ReclaimedHardwoods #ReclaimedSoftwoods http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-wall-cladding.html


Reclaimed Timber supply all types of reclaimed timber for many applications

Just a mention Reclaimed Timber supply all types of reclaimed timber for many applications. We are considered to be North London’s leading specialist supplier of reclaimed timbers. Our reclaimed timbers get used for everything from replacing beams to cladding bars. And on that note we wouldn’t mind getting holed up in here one autumn evening, looks kinda inviting. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-wall-cladding.html


reclaimed wood


Here’s a superb example of the restoration of Victorian staircase using our Pitch Pine.  The Victorian staircase was a central feature of any Victorian house, this example boasts beautifully carved newell post and stringers.  http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-wall-cladding.html


reclaimed wood staircase


Another load of reclaimed timber arriving in the yard; we’ve seen a fair few of those over the years. We strongly recommend visiting our showroom to view the extensive range of timbers and finishes that are available.

We further recommend that for patching or extending old floors that a sample is brought for our inspection and cross matching.

Our strength lies in the depth and variety of stock that we hold, which rarely fails to provide a product to suits customers’ needs. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/antique-parquet-flooring.html




On our new website there is a useful page called Recent Stock. This is where you can give yourself a good idea of what’s come in that’s a bit different from the norm’.  Recent Stock is currently sporting, three different oaks including a very nice herringbone parquet, two different maple, slabs, hanger bash, squadron, modular, beams, bespoke shelving example. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/oak-flooring-reclaimed.html



Our recent stock currently features

It’s worth checking our website on a regular basis if you on the lookout for timber for flooring, cladding and other applications.  Our recent stock currently features; Shabby Chic flaky white paint boards, English Oak Strip, Burmese Teak Parquet, Pitch Pine Strip, Narrow Maple boards previously it was gymnasium flooring so has all painted lines left on it, Pitch Pine Parquet and Oak Parquet, Maple 2 this has a paler colour but is still reclaimed gymnasium flooring, Beach is quite worn with life rich red tones contrast against old painted white lines. #VintageFlooring #VictorianFlooring #OakFlooring http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/new-stock.html

reclaimedamericanoakparquettile reclaimedrinca2



This Rinca, we love it, it’s sexy and alluring with it’s markings. Black and tan with scars of red oxide paint, hit and miss planed Rinka flooring is edgy, quirky and rich embellishment to both residential and commercial applications. Random patterns of black, red, brown and tan combine to create a warm surface a completely unique patterning. #LuxuryFlooring  #OakFlooring #VictorianFlooring http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/natural-wood-flooring.html


reclaimedmaple reclaimedrinca1


These reclaimed parquet tiles are American Oak, we love them they look so neat as square tile, they’re just waiting for new ‘forever home’! They’d look pretty amazing as flooring, wall or bar cladding. Reclaimed American Oak Parquet tiles in need of rehoming can you help? http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/oak-parquet-tiles.html


Reclaimed news : where is our wood going

Reclaimed Ltd.

Old but not that old…it is durable and classy and some say for those who can afford.

Not all that is old is obsolete and  is a dispensable pieces of the past and its history.

Reclaimed news : where is our wood going

Restaurant @ John Lewis’s Oxford Street  – Flaky paint wall cladding

A trend for high end residential jobs selecting – Turkish Oak

2 houses in Kennsington  – Selected re-machined French oak for flooring

House Fulham- 80 sq m – continuous basket-weave French oak throughout whole ground floor: Looks awesome

Period Farmhouse st Albans – Very unusual floor – Used Keruing an Indonesian hardwood with worn red oxide paint from previous life of the timber. Makes a truly stunning floor – not for fainted hearted

Massive warehouse @ Spitalfields Mkt 160 sq m – Random widths laminated choice over ply from a Bohemian Grainhouse in Chez republic

Sophie’s steakhouse – Fulham – Old surface spilt purlins used for wall cladding.

Frog & wicket pub, Hook Hampshire – Have selected to incorporate roofing boards from a Bohemian Grainhouse in Chez republic into their refurbishment

Trend for selecting more adventurous timbers, finishes and new applications for reclaimed woods are being thought up by interior designers and architects in a bid to use ‘wall-cladding’ differently.

#Reclaimed-timbers are in contrast to those old disposable materials; these woods were built to last for a very long time. In the olden day’s wood was the primary source to build any structures be in land and water. Thus made it the most durable natural material and is irreplaceable after harvested. Every wood have different stories to tell, of what it holds and what it was made for in the years before it was used for wood-flooring. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/who-we-are.html

Nowadays some good woods are left to rot in old places without knowing the true value of the woods they are leaving behind and usually uncared for. It is very important that we should know how to care for our woods before it’s too late.

Reclaimed ltd. is committed to give these old forgotten timbers a second life for the next generation to come. We specializes in #wood-floor-restoration and promoting environmental awareness in #wood-recycling. Reclaimed ltd. is dedicated to salvage all wood products and make it available to the market for a longer period of time. Everybody knows how scarce our wood supply these days and we made sure that we have the facility for good storage of wood products. With previous history in warehouses, factories, barns, and cotton mills, stories and pictures obtained from #reclaiming-antique wood provides a fascinating look into our country’s history. Recycling and repurposing #antique-woods for modern day products ensures this historical component of our country’s early growth will live on. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/


At present, market shows a spiraling demand for #reclaimed-timber, most of which was shipped to the UK from colonies and commonwealth lands before sustainable sources were available. Much of today’s demand is for #high-grade-flooring, #wall-cladding and #joinery-material where #antique-wood holds the illusive quality of character. . http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/latest-offers.html

Woods are lovely pieces of art it is shaped and grooved into something made of devotion and full of aspirations to create a masterpiece. It is the sturdiest material and is very hard to replace. Today in our three warehouses we hold one of the largest and most diverse ranges of #reclaimed-timbers in the country, combined with the ability to mill to order we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/


Reclaimed ltd. sees it all and now we are making the sturdy #reclaimed-woods available to the market and especially for those who appreciates how wonderful Mother Nature created the timbers of life.


Get in touch with us @ info@reclaimed.uk.com

Or visit our office: http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/contact/directions.html

Reclaimed Ltd  Sewardstone Hall Farm  Sewardstone Road  Chingford  E4 7RH

Reclaimed Wood from Scottish Mill

We found this when browsing today and hat’s off to the designers at Studio Weave for the UK’s longest public bench made from #ReclaimedHardwoods. The Inspiration? The beaches boardwalks through the sand dunes. You can go and see it on the south coast at Littlehampton. We love it! http://inhabitat.com/super-long-seaside-bench-made-from-reclaimed-wood/


Reclaim 3-164

Yesterday we headed up north to Scotland and have sourced and secured thousands and thousands of square metres of new stock from on old Scottish Mill. It will be arriving in stock over the next few days and needs processing, de-nailing and a bit of clean up; we have #ReclaimedFlooring, #ReclaimedCladding and #ReclaimedRoofingBoards, these are reclaimed soft woods including Spruce and Baltic Pine.


Abakado have approached us for more timber for a new outlet in the city. Once again we will be supplying #Abakado with #ReclaimedVictorianFloorboards to create the serving counters, clad walls and created the eating bars in the restaurants. We think they look fantastic. On site fitting carried out by JMC Construction.


Reclaimed have supplied the #InternalCladding to the third #CleaverRestaurant to open. The new restaurant is located 36 George Street Oxford and is serving up chicken, burgers and ribs. www.cleaver.co.uk


Those of you living in Shepherds Bush maybe wondering why The Melrose Pub on Goldhawk Road has closed? Well they’ve shut up shop for a few weeks whilst a major refurbishment takes place which includes #ReclaimedTimber supplied by us. We can’t wait to see the results and get a refreshing pint. melroseshepherdsbush.co.uk/



Reclaimed have just supplied timber used as #InteriorCladding to a restaurant called #Source who are based in Battersea at Ransomes Dock on Parkgate Road. Source aim to simply showcase the best of seasonal British ingredients.  http://sourcebattersea.com/


wood floors

Reclaimed have new stocks of reclaimed gym and basketball flooring. These are close fitting narrow strips of timber, often maple or ash, sometimes they are more exotic hardwoods and are usually marked up with various courts and pitches. These narrow strips are being used in ever more creative ways by designers, as wall cladding or #CeilingCladding. What would you do with a consignment of #ReclaimedGymFlooring? http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/wood-wall-cladding.html


The famous handbag designer Anya Hindmarch already has stores around the globe and several outlets in London’s West End; but her latest is a bit closer to home for us. #AnyaHindmarch has opened her new store in Hackney and Reclaimed have supplied #ReclaimedParquetFlooring for the shop fitout. http://www.anyahindmarch.com/


reclaimed wood showroom


We have supplied reclaimed timber to hundreds of satisfied customers. Before you choose your particular timber we discuss with you your preferences and the suitability of different species and individual reclaimed source.You should make sure you understand that reclaimed timber has ‘character’ which makes it so attractive in appropriate settings, which may include nail holes, mature knots, stains and so on.
For more information on the various types of wood we currently hold in stock and to discuss your solid floor requirement please do not hesitate to contact us http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/contact.html


Centuries ago buildings were erected using first generation slow grown timber stock that was decimated without being replanted. Government legislation has ever increasing controls on demolition waste disposal and landfill, timber recyclers such as us become increasingly important in finding a continued use for such quality finite resources. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/eco-wood-sources.html

Wood Floors

We’ve completed on a very tasty order for 150 year old oak barrel pieces being used to clad a bar in Shoreditch which is to be topped off with antique copper. It will look stunning when finished. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/english_oak_timber_floorboards.html


Browns Restaurant in Islington is using our reclaimed roofing boards to clad their planters, we’re sure these will look very smart. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/pine_wood_flooring.html

We’re off on a sourcing trip soon to find some more of that beautiful French Oak that keeps flying off our shelves. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/french_oak_floorboards_timber.html

Meanwhile we have a large amount of the everyday work to get through, de-nailing, sawing clean ends and generally organising the last enormous delivery of fine Reclaimed floorboards and reclaimed architectural timbers. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/Enviromental_reclaimed_wood.html

reclaimed wood showroom