Reclaimed news : where is our wood going

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Old but not that old…it is durable and classy and some say for those who can afford.

Not all that is old is obsolete and  is a dispensable pieces of the past and its history.

Reclaimed news : where is our wood going

Restaurant @ John Lewis’s Oxford Street  – Flaky paint wall cladding

A trend for high end residential jobs selecting – Turkish Oak

2 houses in Kennsington  – Selected re-machined French oak for flooring

House Fulham- 80 sq m – continuous basket-weave French oak throughout whole ground floor: Looks awesome

Period Farmhouse st Albans – Very unusual floor – Used Keruing an Indonesian hardwood with worn red oxide paint from previous life of the timber. Makes a truly stunning floor – not for fainted hearted

Massive warehouse @ Spitalfields Mkt 160 sq m – Random widths laminated choice over ply from a Bohemian Grainhouse in Chez republic

Sophie’s steakhouse – Fulham – Old surface spilt purlins used for wall cladding.

Frog & wicket pub, Hook Hampshire – Have selected to incorporate roofing boards from a Bohemian Grainhouse in Chez republic into their refurbishment

Trend for selecting more adventurous timbers, finishes and new applications for reclaimed woods are being thought up by interior designers and architects in a bid to use ‘wall-cladding’ differently.

#Reclaimed-timbers are in contrast to those old disposable materials; these woods were built to last for a very long time. In the olden day’s wood was the primary source to build any structures be in land and water. Thus made it the most durable natural material and is irreplaceable after harvested. Every wood have different stories to tell, of what it holds and what it was made for in the years before it was used for wood-flooring.

Nowadays some good woods are left to rot in old places without knowing the true value of the woods they are leaving behind and usually uncared for. It is very important that we should know how to care for our woods before it’s too late.

Reclaimed ltd. is committed to give these old forgotten timbers a second life for the next generation to come. We specializes in #wood-floor-restoration and promoting environmental awareness in #wood-recycling. Reclaimed ltd. is dedicated to salvage all wood products and make it available to the market for a longer period of time. Everybody knows how scarce our wood supply these days and we made sure that we have the facility for good storage of wood products. With previous history in warehouses, factories, barns, and cotton mills, stories and pictures obtained from #reclaiming-antique wood provides a fascinating look into our country’s history. Recycling and repurposing #antique-woods for modern day products ensures this historical component of our country’s early growth will live on.


At present, market shows a spiraling demand for #reclaimed-timber, most of which was shipped to the UK from colonies and commonwealth lands before sustainable sources were available. Much of today’s demand is for #high-grade-flooring, #wall-cladding and #joinery-material where #antique-wood holds the illusive quality of character. .

Woods are lovely pieces of art it is shaped and grooved into something made of devotion and full of aspirations to create a masterpiece. It is the sturdiest material and is very hard to replace. Today in our three warehouses we hold one of the largest and most diverse ranges of #reclaimed-timbers in the country, combined with the ability to mill to order we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers.


Reclaimed ltd. sees it all and now we are making the sturdy #reclaimed-woods available to the market and especially for those who appreciates how wonderful Mother Nature created the timbers of life.


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