Reclaimed French Oak rustic version

Here is a floor from our Reclaimed French Oak rustic version that has been skim planed. Looks great and is less work for the floor layer.

wood floors

Reclaimed strip flooring is being specified by designers for many commercial applications including wall and ceiling cladding at the moment; but we feel you can achieve some very effective results in the domestic interior setting too!

Strip flooring is salvaged from school halls, sports centres, shops and factories. A variety of woods include maple, iroko, jarrah, and mahogany, keruing, oak and other exotic hardwoods which give a wide choice of natural colours.

The attraction is the range of woods that can be blended over one surface and the seeminlyg erratic pattern created from the partial marks made from broken court marks across the walls surface.

Here’s some inspiration for the Interior Designers out there. We found it while surfing today, a fabulous example of some furniture and stair rails designed and created to reuse some reclaimed flooring planks. We’re loving the unplanned grainy rawness it gives a urban industrial chic edge to this room setting.  It’s from the New York Times.