Hard and softwood timbers can be used for wall cladding

Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding. All the hard and softwood timbers can be used for wall cladding .This is a massive growth area with residential and commercial spaces looking for feature and textured wall coverings.
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Additionally and in increasing popularity the painted boards from roof spaces and floors are used to creating splashes of colour for feature walls.

Spectacular walls can be made for shops restaurants and bars using heavily worn and weathered oaks or other hardwoods. These boards are too heavily distressed for flooring but make incredible one off effects for walls.

Occasionally we are lucky enough to be offered small parcels of unique material. For example we acquired the last of Thatcher’s 150 year old cider vats .The cider has stained the oak a deep red on the inside and has the original coopers carved barrel numbers ,ideal for pubs. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/wood-wall-cladding.html


Reclaimed Softwood Flooring Products. The most common form of softwood flooring is a form of pine. The most common and cheapest are yellow pine, Baltic pine, Colombian pine or white fir. These can be provided in a variety of widths, the general rule the wider the board the higher the price.

Victorian pine floorboards are generally up to 7” wide, wider boards tend to be Georgian and are rare and expensive.
Douglas fir and pitch pine are harder, more durable with a straighter grain, and make a superior floor.

Old factories were invariably covered with roof boards for insulation under the tiles. They are increasingly popular as they are rough sawn and can be hand sanded to retain their rustic characteristics.  http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/softwood-flooring.html

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Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring. Strip flooring is salvaged from school halls, sports centres, shops and factories. A variety of woods include maple, iroko, jarrah, and mahogany, keruing, oak and other exotic hardwoods which give a wide choice of natural colours.

Wider hardwood boards are invariably oak, English, French, American or Turkish, sometimes chestnut, walnut or keruing. Widths range from 5” to 15” and prices are linked to board width. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/hardwood-flooring.html