Different ways to use our beautiful reclaimed timbers.

We’re working on some interesting projects in-house at the moment coming up with more different ways to use our beautiful reclaimed timbers. Can’t say any more now, but watch this space. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products.html

Reclaimed have just supplied a lounge-bar at Eden House in Central London with strip chevron parquet flooring with a very rustic unworked finish this is in stark contrast to all the other materials selected by the interior designers. The rest of the materials  palette included concrete, steel and glass. The vintage parquet against the m odern materials gives a sense vibrancy to the spaced as a whole.  http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/parquet-gallery.html

We’re preparing the materials for more restaurants in London, a new Turkish restaurant, a bistro. The wall cladding is just flying off the shelves at the moment we’re not surprised as it great product. J http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/wood-wall-cladding.html


The Red Dog Saloon in Shoreditch have now cladded the outside of their restaurant with some reclaimed American oak.http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-products/hard-wood-gallery.html

4Sight has used some of our reclaimed timber to clad a pop up stand at an exhibition. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/reclaimed-showroom.html

Yet another lorry load of reclaimed vintage floorboards  in the yard today being unloaded, all to be stacked ready for de-nailing and a clean-up before being placed into our stocks. http://www.reclaimed.uk.com/wood-flooring/eco-wood-sources.html