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Reclaimed loading truck this afternoon for another delivery of our French Oak flooring

We’re loading our truck this afternoon for another delivery of our French Oak flooring down to Charterhouse Square for the apartment block the developers are working on. #CharterHouseSquare #ReclaimedFrenchOak #Refurbishments #RefurbishedFlooring #ReclaimedFlooring.

Brew Dog is coming to Tower Hill. A new Brew Dog is due to open just by the Tower of London. It’ll be sporting many of our reclaimed timbers. . Brew dog take variety of timbers from us for flooring, cladding, table tops and bars. #Beer #ReclaimedFlooring #Beer #ReclaimedCladding #Beer #ReclaimedBarCladding #Beer  #BrewDog #Beer #HangerBash #Beer

Keruing 60° chevron parquet reclaimed gymnasium flooring! Now we know that’s got your attention. This going to be one sexy floor! Wrights of London baristas and purveyors of fine coffee are having a refurbishment. They’ve selected this very tasty reclaimed hardwood for the new flooring. We’re machining the timbers up for them right now, photos to follow on completion. #ReclaimedParquetFlooring #Keruing #ReclaimedFlooring #ReclaimedTimberSuppliers #ReclaimedGymnasiumFloors #ReclaimedLondon

When it comes to reclaimed timbers – “There’s no such thing as ‘too’ rustic.” Is it wormy? Yeh, love those holes. Is it stained? Yeh, love those marks. Isit knobbly and bumpy? Love your knobbly bits.   We’ll say it again “There’s no such thing as ‘too’ rustic.”

A new bar restaurant coffee establishment from Barworks with Nuno Mendes is to open in Hackney. Barworks also own electricity Showrooms, Shoreditch and a dozen other similar bars, pubs and restaurants. They have a rather special consignment of reclaimed timbers to show off. In the interior you’ll find tables and chairs that are constructed in tree section from Sweet Chestnut. The timber for these used to stand in the parks around London, several came down in the last big storms, and the consensus was to save the fallen trees for use as timber. The tree trunks has been to France and came back machined. It also got stuck with some poor guy who went out of business before it ended up in our yard. The café owners loved the story so much they wanted to place the last piece into the jig-saw puzzle and give the timber a new life as furniture and a new home. And outdoors on the terrace Douglas Fir, an extra dense, slow-growing pine, that has been reclaimed from an RAF base. And on this terrace on certain evenings throughout the summer months one can satisfy oneself with BBQ’d goodies and beer. ‘Ave it.

#Beer #ReclaimedDouglasFir #ReclaimedSweetChestnut #ReclaimedTimbers #ReclaimedCladding #ReclaimedTreeSections #HackneyBBQ  #Scrumptious #Barworks #NunoMendes

Reclaimed LTD is one of the foremost suppliers of reclaimed wood for flooring 

Reclaimed LTD is one of the foremost suppliers of reclaimed wood for flooring and wall cladding in the UK, who source and sell internationally.

As hardwood flooring specialist Reclaimed LTD offers high quality real wood flooring in an extensive range ofantique timbers which apart from oak include maple, cedar, teak and other various pines.

Our Antique Wide Plank Wood Flooring is custom milled utilizing antique wood reclaimed from old buildings, barns and rural structures

Reclaimed LTD also Supply Oak Beams, Reclaimed old pine flooring, reclaimed old oak and hardwood flooring .Old floorboards selected and sourced from hotels, old schools, factories and other grand buildings,

Antique flooring has an unrivalled patina with such depth of colour and tone. From wide boards to complex parquet panel designs originating from the palaces now reproducible as hand crafted parquet de Chantilly panels made from our antique oak boards.

We are proud that many leading design company’s throughout Britain use us to supply reclaimed wood flooring and wall cladding for refurbishing shops, restaurants and public houses.

Are you thinking about refurbishing your café, restaurant or bar? Reclaimed timbers make an ethically sound choice for a durable material in heavy traffic areas of your outlet. Here’s a collection of images that illustrate counter cladding, bar cladding and booth cladding. We hope you find them helpful. Andy and Paul of Reclaimed.UK in Chingford are happy to advise and assist in selecting some great timbers for your new look. 020 8529 8504 or #ReclaimedTimber #BarCladding #CafeCounters #ReclaimedBarCladding

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Do reclaimed timbers suit a modern interior? We think so! We also think these lovely images will convince you it really works. Reclaimed timbers are suitable for exterior cladding, interior cladding, kitchen drawers and cupboards, for doors, in bedrooms and bathrooms. Our stocks are always changing. At Reclaimed we source our reclaimed timbers from far and wide, from diverse places across the UK, Europe and America. Contact Andy or Paul for a friendly chat about what’s currently available. We work with many large construction firms and designers are able to meet exact machining specifications. #ModernInteriors #ReclaimedTimbers #ReclaimedWood #ModernRusticInteriors