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Reclaimed and crafted patterned floors are witnessing a real resurgence

Handcrafted patterned floors are witnessing a real resurgence and remain very popular. They can add a new dimension to an otherwise plain square space. These bespoke wood floors can be designed for each individual’s requirements using any of our hardwoods or softwoods. We supply this flooring partially prepared or fully prepared, with rolled edges also an option.

Chevrons patterns are achieved by cutting short edges of equal size wood pieces at a precise angle. Placing these angles together point to point creates a continuous zigzag pattern. Herringbone pieces are also equal size wood pieces but kept straight edged on short side making them perfect rectangles. These rectangles are placed short side to one end of the long side and then repeated. Visually this pattern looks like a zigzag but is more complex in design. Placement along the longest visual point in the room typically creates a centred long zigzag, elongating the room.

These designs will require a specialist fitter, which we can recommend, as the patterns require total accuracy in the crown lines when fitting this will prevent patterns lines during fitting. A truly striking floor skilfully crafted where the only boundary is your imagination.



Chariot is one our popular cladding timbers. Its dark finish makes it appealing and ideal for exterior cladding applications, as seen in photos. Our client Red Dog selected it for cladding one of their outlets. Its dark finish is fantastic for creating sombre, moody interiors. And exteriors that stand out from the rest, be they high street or back street, or the back or front of your house.



Pitch Pine. This is one of most sought after products as it is predominately only available as reclaimed timber these days. Pitch Pine makes wonderful flooring whether used as floorboards or parquet sets.  It’s an incredibly dense pine, which makes superior in every way to the new pines available on market today which are all fast growing species. It is a very resinous timber, the tree uses the resin to protect itself and seal wounds. Pitch pine has rich bi-coloured grain. If you look you can see the growth rings of varying widths, indicative of good years and hot dry years. The gold colour is the spring growth and the dark colour is the summer growth.


reclaimed pitch pine