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Pick n Mix Wall Cladding from Reclaimed Timber

reclaimedpicknmix2 reclaimedpicknmix1. With our vast stocks of different types of reclaimed timber we handcraft bespoke cladding, working closely with the client to formulate an aesthetic to their project, residential or commercial. Pick and Mix cladding offers an individual style, corporate identity and a fashionable, funky style in any setting. Combining a blend of tree species, painted, planed, original surface, wide, narrow, thick and thin, the canvass is unlimited. #picknmix #wallcladding

Vessel Cladding from Reclaimed Timber. Salvaged from the last of Thatcher’s oak cider barrels, this exquisite English oak has stunning markings, scars and colourings from life as a cider vat. We advise skim planning for flooring purposes to reduce the contours and undulations from original milling, this will reveal a multitude of colours deep within the wood. A truly original floor permanently linked to its heritage.#ciderbarrels #reclaimedtimber


reclaimedbespokeshelves2 reclaimedbespokeshelves1 reclaimedvessel3

Here’s an example of what can be achieved. Flair and imagination supplied by Andy.  All reclaimed timbers supplied by Reclaimed Timber of Chingford. We are occasionally able to offer a bespoke service. To contact us call 020 8529 8504 email #handyandy #reclaimedfloorboards


Capital Restaurants redecorating their restaurants using our reclaimed timbers

Capital Restaurants a chain of specialist Turkish cuisine kebab and fish based in the capital have redecorating their restaurants using our reclaimed timbers.  They selected #OakFlooring and mixed wall cladding  using a blend of timbers that’s created in house by us especially for them. Psssst they make a very fine kebab.


Andy our very own resident Handy Andy is getting a name for creating bespoke blends of mixed reclaimed timbers used for cladding feature walls, counters and ceilings. #BenandJerry’s, the ice-cream manufacturer’s have their personal mix that is rolled out on all their refurbished ice-cream kiosks across the UK. If you require a unique look for a wall or some other surfaced give us a ring and talk it over with Handy Andy on 020 8529 8504.


Brewdog a Scottish micro-brewery are now opening pubs in Central and West London. These establishments are being refurbished before their launch. Different surfaces are being clad with different finishes  ranging from our flaky white boards and beach hut boards to #FrenchOak with an old  red oxide primer which has been re-enlivened that originate from side walls of old railway carriages.

reclaimedbrewdog3 reclaimedbrewdog2 reclaimedbrewdog1

Graphic wall cladding idea from a designer

Here’s an a good graphic wall cladding idea from a designer working with our shabby chic, flaky white paint reclaimed boards laid in a traditional chevron pattern,  in this restaurant refurbishment, creating a fresh but weathered contemporary interior. If you’re planning a similar project call Andy or Paul on 020 8529 8504 to what’s in stock to get your creative juices flowing.


wood cladding


At Reclaimed we are now offering Waney Edge Tree Sections. Waney Edge simply means where the boards have been cut through straight from the tree. It’s a traditional way of creating pieces for exterior wall cladding with one waney edge and one square cut edge. Waney edge can have numerous other practical decorative applications for furniture, framing, and cladding of interior and exterior settings. Waney Edge boards can offer a visual drama in the finished form through the grain, the knots and the irregular shape of the boards. The boards from the same tree are often used to mirror each other in the same a veneer might be applied or the way a stone mason might use marble panels.


reclaimedwaneyedge2 reclaimedwaneyedge1