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Reclaimed Wood from Scottish Mill

We found this when browsing today and hat’s off to the designers at Studio Weave for the UK’s longest public bench made from #ReclaimedHardwoods. The Inspiration? The beaches boardwalks through the sand dunes. You can go and see it on the south coast at Littlehampton. We love it!

Reclaim 3-164

Yesterday we headed up north to Scotland and have sourced and secured thousands and thousands of square metres of new stock from on old Scottish Mill. It will be arriving in stock over the next few days and needs processing, de-nailing and a bit of clean up; we have #ReclaimedFlooring, #ReclaimedCladding and #ReclaimedRoofingBoards, these are reclaimed soft woods including Spruce and Baltic Pine.

Abakado have approached us for more timber for a new outlet in the city. Once again we will be supplying #Abakado with #ReclaimedVictorianFloorboards to create the serving counters, clad walls and created the eating bars in the restaurants. We think they look fantastic. On site fitting carried out by JMC Construction.

Reclaimed have supplied the #InternalCladding to the third #CleaverRestaurant to open. The new restaurant is located 36 George Street Oxford and is serving up chicken, burgers and ribs.

Those of you living in Shepherds Bush maybe wondering why The Melrose Pub on Goldhawk Road has closed? Well they’ve shut up shop for a few weeks whilst a major refurbishment takes place which includes #ReclaimedTimber supplied by us. We can’t wait to see the results and get a refreshing pint.


Reclaimed have just supplied timber used as #InteriorCladding to a restaurant called #Source who are based in Battersea at Ransomes Dock on Parkgate Road. Source aim to simply showcase the best of seasonal British ingredients.

wood floors

Reclaimed have new stocks of reclaimed gym and basketball flooring. These are close fitting narrow strips of timber, often maple or ash, sometimes they are more exotic hardwoods and are usually marked up with various courts and pitches. These narrow strips are being used in ever more creative ways by designers, as wall cladding or #CeilingCladding. What would you do with a consignment of #ReclaimedGymFlooring?


The famous handbag designer Anya Hindmarch already has stores around the globe and several outlets in London’s West End; but her latest is a bit closer to home for us. #AnyaHindmarch has opened her new store in Hackney and Reclaimed have supplied #ReclaimedParquetFlooring for the shop fitout.

reclaimed wood showroom


We have supplied reclaimed timber to hundreds of satisfied customers. Before you choose your particular timber we discuss with you your preferences and the suitability of different species and individual reclaimed source.You should make sure you understand that reclaimed timber has ‘character’ which makes it so attractive in appropriate settings, which may include nail holes, mature knots, stains and so on.
For more information on the various types of wood we currently hold in stock and to discuss your solid floor requirement please do not hesitate to contact us


Centuries ago buildings were erected using first generation slow grown timber stock that was decimated without being replanted. Government legislation has ever increasing controls on demolition waste disposal and landfill, timber recyclers such as us become increasingly important in finding a continued use for such quality finite resources.

PARQUET – The word derives from the Old French parchet

A little bit of a history lesson. PARQUET – The word derives from the Old French parchet (the diminutive of parc), literally meaning “a small enclosed space“. Large diagonal squares known as parquet de Versailles were introduced in 1684 as parquet de menuiserie (“woodwork parquet”) to replace the marble flooring that required constant washing, which tended to rot the joists beneath the floors. Such parquets en lozange were noted by the Swedish architect Daniel Cronström at Versailles and at the Grand Trianon in 1693.


Installations with reclaimed timbers, demonstrates that timber used years ago for one project can be reused, generations later in different ways. For instance, French oak railway carriage sides, once processed provide a character filled floor with an unbeatable patina of age and life scars. Sun bleached American barn boarding with over 100 years of weathering is a popular choice for textured wall cladding with its unique silver confirmation of age.


Upcycling, recycling and reclaiming previously used building materials by Interior designers and creative homeowners has been going on for some time.  A current trend that gives a new lease of life to both the material and the setting into which it is inserted is wall cladding, this sits well with sustainable living values. Timber clad walls can be used in numerous ways in the modern rustic interior, bringing with it an aesthetic of nature indoors.  Cladding a wall, or 2 walls or the ceiling or a cupboard front can drastically alter the way a room looks and feels.